My “Cancer Killer” Serve

I was thinking about the pain in the muscles of my right arm and breast from tennis yesterday, as I prepared my “cancer killer” breakfast drink this morning.  Realizing that I hadn’t played since before the radiation, it is not very surprising that my tendency to protect my breast during that time tightened the muscles in such a way that my forehand is now not as fluid as it was seven months ago! I know it will be again with time, but it seems surprising that the effects are still with me.

Tennis has played a significant role in my breast cancer. With three surgeries down and radiation to go, I spent my few weeks of August climbing back through doubles to play a challenging singles match with a much younger woman who I admire a great deal. It was my own personal achievement before I headed into the six weeks daily regime of radiation. While I pondered the importance of the sport in my life and my gratitude for it, I opened my new Stonyfield Yogurt container to find the lid dedicated to…tennis. Stonyfield’s lid highlights an opportunity for consumers to help the USTA (United States Tennis Association) direct monies to various tennis community programs by voting on their website. As indicated under the lid, their goal is “to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.”

I am grateful to Stonyfield on a variety of levels, but mostly for their dedication to organic yogurt. It has become an essential ingredient to my morning smoothie, and knowing the value set of the company is consistent with a product I don’t have to worry is full of pesticides is a relief.

Create your own “Cancer Killer” smoothie:

My basic version starts with a cup of steamed kale and organic berries, to which I add a half cup organic yogurt and either Sambazon acai juice or a little organic green tea to thin. On some days, I add a little organic ground flax or chia and on others, I might go with an organic banana or some pomegranate juice. Be creative!

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