Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly

Two weeks from today I will be on my way to Hartford, CT to drop off my daughter at Trinity College. Just thinking of it makes the tears form and my heart begin to ache. It has been a long slow summer in which she has trained for sports, read her freshman book, and worked to build her savings…and I have been by her side throughout. And now, she seems ready for what I am sure will be a very quick transition.

The good news is my daughter isn’t the only one facing a new semester. Before long, I will find myself with a new batch of university students, joining me in the adventures of sustainable marketing and consumer behavior. I will also have a new team working on Protect Our Breasts.

Alex and Gabrielle will return and be joined by a new group of  young women, enthusiastically researching and writing, tweeting and  posting, and all around creating awareness about environmental toxins and breast cancer. I will miss Elise, Devon and Carrie so much, but the project will gear up and new bonds will be formed as we move forward quickly.

This summer has been devoted to outlining our intentions for content and researching the issues related to pesticides on our fruits and vegetables. Inundated as I was with the process, it proved impossible to keep up with blog posts and other social media. It has been a painfully slow process, one that needs revamping yet again, but it has progressed and there is more clarity today.

The big take away from the summer’s work is the realization that much of the legislation, the medical research, and the advocacy efforts have been both excruciatingly slow moving and relatively rapid. How can that be? It has only a year and a few months since the President’s Cancer Panel “verified” the importance of environmental toxins in our understanding of cancer. And yet, it has taken ten years for the EPA to even begin to fulfill their obligation to test chemicals for endocrine disruption. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly..

So as the summer winds down and the gears begin to shift, the fall brings on the crisp new swift. Protect Our Breasts will be back to the buzz and we’ll have loads more to share…and my daughter will be onto her new life….

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