#BC tradeoff

Hi! My name is Gabrielle DeAngelis and I was one of the original student research team members for Protect Our Breasts. We, the student team members, will begin sharing our thoughts from our prospective so… I have been thinking a lot about the #BCtradeoffs concept the POB team created as part of our social media campaign. The basis is this: while total and complete avoidance of toxins in all of our everyday products is the dream, it is unrealistic to expect from ourselves. #BCtradeoff is a twitter trend we are using to signal followers to share with each other the choices made each day to help reduce toxic body burden.

I feel like “guilt” is a big issue when discussing topics relating to health and lifestyle, especially when the topics are as serious as breast cancer. #BCtradeoff is a concept that lessens the guilt factor while making prevention accessible to all people.

My first #BCtradeoff was with caramel apples. Autumn always reminds me of my favorite seasonal foods. From sweet to salty, the variety of treats is endless, but my favorite will always be a good old fashion caramel apple. Shying away from the traditional pre-made store bought snack, I decided to treat the Protect our Breasts group to my homemade version.

While the sugar and overall candy factor of the fall time favorite are not ideal, I chose to use organic apples, reducing my daily body burden of the average 42 pesticides used on conventional apples (http://www.whatsonmyfood.org/food.jsp?food=AP)!

A #bctradeoff isn’t just about food; it might be the choice to purchase a paraben and phthalate-free shampoo over the conventional or the choice to bring a reusable water bottle to class. We can’t be perfect and yet…simple choices can add up and baby steps can lead to great things.

Gabrielle DeAngelis

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