Cleaning Our Home for the Holidays

Hi…….Gabrielle here again and I would like to dedicate this blog post to my mom Terry for her love of a clean home.

As the family that lives the furthest away, holiday gatherings don’t last hours for us, they last days. Shacking up in close
quarters and sharing sheets is something my extended family and I have been doing for decades.  What this family tradition means to me is, never fail, the second I return home from school I will be greeted with a laundry list of places and things that need cleaning in my house.

Cleaning my home for the holidays is nothing new, but this year I will be taking the task to a new level. From this project and my
semester long research on the chemicals in cleaning products that increase the risk of Breast Cancer, I now know the dangers in everyday cleaning products and the harmful effects that they have on people.

Since my wallet is pretty thin, I will be making my own DIY cleaners this year. I like the recipes given by Healthy Child Healthy World which can be found here:

From the bathroom to the kitchen, I will be giving my family members a gift they won’t even realize, the gift of a chemical free, cleaned home, free of the toxins.


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