Gabrielle’s Expo Wrap Up

Last weekend marked my third Natural Products Expo attendance and last as an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts. It was love at first sight last year when I saw with my own eyes that not all businesses are solely about making profits, and that most of the Expo exhibitors are changing the world by making products that are safe and sustainable, creating a better future for us all.

It was particularity exciting as I was a speaker at the Women in Naturals event as a mentee of Cynthia’s.  Being able to showcase my presence as a woman in the Natural and Organic industry as well as being able to honor someone who has given me so much over the last three years left me almost speechless!

It was great to be reunited with Cynthia’s former students who are in the industry, many who are leaders in their field, and two who were also speakers in other educational sessions at the show.  It is inspiring to know that there may be a future for me in the natural and organic industry, working for companies that are trying to change the world and making products that are safe.

From a Protect Our Breasts standpoint it was a great success as well. Together we learned about the importance of the supplier, making sure our products are being sourced from ethical and safe sources. We all walked the floor learning and gathering information on the newest natural and organic products so we can be up to date on the best, safe alternatives. I was also lucky enough to have been invited to sit in on the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) update (More info to come). It was a great bonding experience to be with the girls 3,000 miles away from home and it was amazing to get to spend time with our future Trinity College POB chapter founder, Emily Barstow.

Throughout the next weeks, the other POB girls will be sharing their individual expo experiences with you all, as well as introducing a new blogger to our page! Stay tuned for all the updates!


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