Happy 4th of July!

Greetings from NYC and Happy Fourth of July! It has been some time since my last post, but I must admit I have been thinking a lot about Protect Our Breasts. With a new job, new roommates, and new friends, I find myself going on rants about the phthalates in their perfume, oxybenzone in their sunscreen and parabens in their shampoos.

I have always felt passionately about the Protect Our Breasts mission; yet in the past month I have really come to recognize the power and value of SHARING THE CONVERSATION. New York City is a place of opportunity, but in my short time here, I have found that people know little about this topic.

This blog post is not so much an educational one, but rather a reminder of our mission. With Fourth of July activities comes time spent with family and friends, and a great opportunity to share the conversation with loved ones. Sometimes it’s sharing about safer choices such as hormone-free hamburgers, organic corn, or tap water in reusable BPA free water bottles. In other cases, giving the link to the EWG Skin Deep website is enough to engage some women in the cause.

So I encourage you all to express concerns you may have about your products and to share any knowledge you do have about the environmental factors that contribute to breast cancer. I can guarantee, you will find some similar and powerful reactions like I have.


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