Healthy Hydration!

As we launch into sharing at the many sports-related Breast Cancer events this month (starting tomorrow at the UMass Girls Soccer game!) we wanted to focus on the importance of choosing the safest water bottles! Christine Kelly is the Protect Our Breasts water researcher alum who is now at the Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute- a perfect fit for communicating complicated science! Thanks Christine for continuing your dedication to protecting our breasts!!!

 As the researcher of all things water for Protect Our Breasts, I am here with some helpful ways to keep your breasts healthy, while staying hydrated during games!

First and foremost, if you don’t already own a reusable water container-it is time to invest!  They contain far less chemicals than disposable plastic water bottles, and are safer in the sun (and on the sidelines!).  When disposable plastic water bottles are heated by the sun they not only leach chemicals into the water you are drinking but also into the environment, like the hormone disruptor BPA, a potential cancer causing agent.  Bisphenol A is a synthetic estrogen, which means it can affect how true estrogen and other hormones act in your body, by blocking or mimicking them, and ultimately sending wrong messages.

A perfect way to start is by choosing to avoid disposable plastic water bottles! (Most are #1 which are okay for use, but not reuse. Other plastics to avoid: #3 polyvinyl chloride, #6 polystyrene, and possibly #7 unless it is polylactic acid (PLA) made from plants.)

The investment in a glass, or stainless steel water container, for example pays for itself.  You are not only making a one time investment for the betterment of your breast health but also for those around you, by reducing the amount of cancer causing chemicals that are released into the environment by the sun.  Also, many reusable water bottles will note either on the bottle or in the attached literature that they are BPA free-this is a great thing to look for when you are looking to make the purchase!  Finally, there are some companies coming out with water in recyclable cardboard containers – like Icebox!

Using a reusable water bottle or other non-plastic options sends an important visual message to your peers that you have made the positive, healthy and sustainable choice to leave the disposable plastic water bottles behind. Tell them your choice is to stay hydrated during games with fewer toxins in order to…Protect our Breasts!

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