Fact-Check your Fragrance before Gifting!

Hi Everybody, Alexis here again! The holiday season is upon us and that means a lot of us are thinking about presents! Out of all the possible gifts we can give to our loved ones, a lot of us will think of buying a fragrance. While you may think you are gifting just a sensational smell, you may also be offering a bottle containing toxic chemicals!

For many of us, we’ve been exposed to fragrance ever since we were young, and want to continue to use it throughout our lives. From the beginning, we are taught to assimilate fragrance with beauty; no one ever mentions the potential danger it can cause us. As we sprits ourselves from head to toe, we may be covering our skin with contaminants.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and when it absorbs, these chemicals are transferred directly into our blood streams. According to the Environmental Working Group, “The FDA, the agency responsible for overseeing product safety, does not systematically review the safety of fragrances.” Due to trade secret laws, companies are not required to communicate what chemicals are used in their fragrance such as phthalates, parabens, and artificial musks.

So as we go about our shopping escapades this season, remember to read those labels! If you see the word “fragrance” listed in the ingredients, be weary. There’s probably more to that product than just that magnificent aroma. On the up side, if you have your heart set on fragrance this season there are a great selection of safer alternatives you can choose from. Check out EWG’s Skin-Deep Database (http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/) to help find that perfect scent. Share the gift of health and safety this holiday season. Happy shopping everyone!

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