European Union Parliament moves towards regulation of Endocrine Disruptors by 2015


Lia Delaney-5456Protect Our Breasts works to help you make safer choices that could affect your health. In addition, we support policy decisions that can make these choices simpler. Today we learned about a policy decision related to endocrine disruptors from the European Union Parliament, validating our work and mission, and potentially making these choices easier!

The European Union took a huge step yesterday in favor of improving human health by adopting a resolution that called for new legislation to regulate endocrine disruptors by June 2015.  As we know, endocrine disruptors have been linked to fertility problems, developmental issues, as well as cancers, and can be found in pesticides, plastic additives, and other products. More information on this can be found under the science portion of our website. I think it is important, that although full resolution about endocrine disruptors and adverse health effects has yet to be finalized, this major policy decision acknowledges that the substances should be regulated. Measures to protect human health do not need to wait for all parties to agree on every detail.

Over the past 20 years, chronic diseases have drastically increased as have the number of chemicals to which we are exposed. A report by the World Health Organization, that was released a month ago, states that although there are knowledge gaps in this link, these associations are undeniable. With policy movements like this one from the European Union and as other countries and health organizations follow suit, there is now greater hope for the protection of future generations.




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