Like our body, Earth is the only one we’ve got!

Riki Adams 5459Today marks the 43rd Earth Day. Not exactly a landmark anniversary, but still worth our attention … or whatever is left of it. Sometimes we have so much on our mind, tasks like remembering to pay for our morning coffee seem strenuous. Well, try squeezing in a minute to imagine how much water, transportation, and electricity it took to brew that coffee. We’ll save the paper cup’s supply chain for another post…

But on this anniversary, let’s take a second to reflect on this place we call home.

We actually have a lot in common with our planet. The Earth and human body are both remarkably complex and incredibly adaptive . For example, Earth toohas stress patterns resulting in earthquakes and volcanoes similar to our own episodes. If you compare wrinkles around the eyes to the weathering of rocks, you can see how the aging processes are almost identical.

Even the immune systems are alike. Over time the Earth can fight off man-made and natural toxins similar to how our bodies can combat pollutants.  Unfortunately, neither system is indestructible. In the face of frequent and overwhelming exposure to toxins, both cleansing processes can weaken. Similar to how humans can develop different diseases like cancer, the Earthcan inherit inhabitable localities tainted by toxic waste.

For Protect Our Breasts, Earth Day means having the power to protect our health and our environment. Whether its reducing exposure to everyday toxins or shrinking carbon footprints, we need to pay attention to what’s most important.  Like our body, Earth is the only one we’ve got!

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