Mother’s Day


Jennifer Brown-5725Mother’s Day is the holiday to express the love and gratitude for our wonderful moms and thank them for being so amazing. I know that’s especially how I’m feeling this Mother’s Day since I just graduated from UMass Amherst. I would definitely not be here if it wasn’t for all of her tremendous support.

When I think about thanking my mother for my education, I think of the opportunity I was presented to be a part of Protect Our Breasts. I have discovered so much information about environmental toxins and chemicals that lead to breast cancer. It is crazy to think that it is our moms that are the ones battling breast cancer, getting annual mammograms, or trying to beat the odds.  For these reasons, no one in our society really pays attention to breast cancer until they are in their 40s or older, or maybe a mother themselves. It is heartbreaking to think that even on this Mother’s Day, women are battling this disease or spending the day hoping it does not return.

Mothers are the ones getting diagnosed with breast cancer, but it is actually their children who are the ones more vulnerable to harmful toxins due to the stage of breast development at their age. Women are the most susceptible to these environmental toxins up through their first pregnancy – up until they themselves become a mother.  This is why we are sharing this information with other college-aged women. If all of us daughters continued to make safer choices about the everyday products we use, hopefully the breast cancer statistics will be a lot different by the time we are mothers. The greatest gift we can give our mothers today is to stay healthy and refuse this terrible disease… maybe some (organic) flowers too! (avoid those pesticides!)

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