Top 5 Reasons We LOVE Equal Exchange!

Natasha-Merchant Protect Our Breasts is committed to a vetting process for any product we share with our chapters’ campus communities All this week, the chapters will be giving out Equal Exchange chocolate which has been vetted by our Science & Standards Advisory. This group of eminent scientists and standards advisors review the ingredients as well as the packaging for environmental toxins before a product is approved. We are grateful to Equal Exchange for their donation, but more important, we are so very thankful for their dedication to providing a safer product. See what Natasha says about why we love Equal Exchange chocolate!

1. Equal Exchange chocolate is certified organic!

Our favorite vetted chocolate bars include only the safest ingredients possible to guarantee chocolate indulgers an all around sweet experience. Free of synthetic pesticides and artificial flavors, Equal Exchange chocolate maintains organic standards by working with small farms dedicated to the preservation and growth of holistic and sustainable farming practices.

2. Zero GMO’s.

Why worry about the possibility of consuming genetically modified ingredients while unwrapping a chocolate bar? Glyphosate is a popular pesticide used to farm cacao; in addition to curbing and maintaining the crop, the pesticide is an endocrine disruptor that leads to adverse human health effects, namely breast cancer. By choosing Equal Exchange, chocolate fiends will stray away from ingredients specifically engineered to withstand heavy pesticide or herbicide spraying.

Before devouring your organic Equal Exchange chocolate bar, don’t forget to admire the shiny, brightly colored wrapper. Equal Exchange wraps their treats in biodegradable, non-GMO wood pulp material!

3.  Equal Exchange is committed to Fair Trade values!

Equal Exchange makes a point of partnering with co-operatives of small-scale farmers in South America and the Dominican Republic not only for their delicious and organic cacao, but also as a way to create strong, equitable trade relationships. Advocating for these farmers and their communities results in solidarity between the growers, producers and consumers. How awesome is that?

4. Cooperatives are cool!

As a co-operatively run business, Equal Exchange is compromised of “worker-owners” who actively participate in the ownership and decision making of the company. Members of the Equal Exchange co-operative partake in a democratic workplace because they maintain the ability to voice their opinions and vote on certain issues. Happy, hard working, and passionate, the employees that contribute 100% of their efforts must only insure the most delicious chocolate!

5. Equal Exchange chocolate is… Scrumptious!

Treat yourself by visiting and ordering your favorite. Protect Our Breasts loves Equal Exchange!



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