EARTHDAYOGATHON: an investment in prevention

yogathonYou have probably caught the Yogathon buzz – you may have even joined the event page or registered at It sounds like fun (oh, it will be). What you may not realize, is that you are investing in the prevention of breast cancer and other diseases that have been linked with environmental toxins – for yourself and for our next generation.

The Protect Our Breasts first fundraiser ever is being held on Earth Day to remind us all that it is a cleaner earth for which we strive. Our mission is to share the conversation about toxins in our everyday products to empower you to make safer choice and to send the message to companies that toxins need to be eliminated.

From pesticides on our food to preservatives in our personal care, we want to rid ourselves and those around us from the effects these have on our bodies. One of the most vulnerable periods of our lives is up through our first pregnancies. This is a time when exposures to some chemicals – or mixtures of chemicals – can increase the risk of breast cancer later in life. If these toxins interfere with or mimic specific hormones, we also may pass on an increased risk of cancer to our children. That’s why your choices today make such a difference for our future.

Your investment in a day of yoga is a great deal more than a healthy choice. It is a step towards a cleaner earth, cleaner you and a safer future for all. A special thanks goes to all the supporters/companies who are sharing giveaways that have been vetted as “safer” by our Science & Standards advisory; to our partners for volunteering to lead our yoga classes and to our friends for a variety of help along the way.

Most important, thank you for investing in prevention and a safer earth for all.

*While we realize not all of our community is located close enough to participate in the event, we hope you will consider making a donation for our collective future.

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