The Science Shows Small Changes Can Make a Difference!

Lia-DelaneyOver the past three years, I have worked in an endocrinology lab, and through this work learned about the effects that various endocrine disruptors can have on development and health. This work has truly been at the core of my university experience with Protect Our Breasts, building a desire to work in the field of environmental epidemiology one day.

This was solidified this summer when I had the opportunity to attend the International Society of Environmental Epidemiology Conference in Seattle, WA. The week was filled with presentations about current and ongoing research by some of the top scientists in the world! It validated that there are real risks that chemicals in our environment pose to human health, and there have already been detrimental effects in populations around the world.

What had the greatest impact on me however, was that in what could have been a depressing week filled with information about dangerous exposures to humans…there was faith in change and hope for the future. One study in particular, called ‘HERMOSA’, studied a group of teenagers in northern California and their personal care product use. When using their normal products, their urinary phthalate concentration (endocrine disruptor ingredient) was tested. These teenagers were then given a chance to switch out all of their normal personal care products for safer or organic alternatives for three days.

After this short intervention, there were significant reductions in the phthalate urine concentrations- proving that just a small isolated change for even a small period of time can make a difference for some of these chemicals! This proved to me that the changes we (Protect Our Breasts) advocate for everyday are important and can make a difference. The conference was informative, empowering, and overall very validating that this field of environmental health and epidemiology is one that is critical for our collective future!

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