Protect Our Boys

POB boys logoAs part of Men’s Health Awareness Month (November), Protect Our Breasts will reach out to both male and female students to spread awareness about testicular cancer. The science suggests the cancer (along with related conditions) originates in males during fetal life and may be caused by exposure to contaminants by the female. (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals State of the Science 2012 p. 57)

This means when a woman is exposed to certain environmental toxins, there may be an increased likelihood that her future baby boy may be diagnosed with testicular cancer later in life. This is a crucial reason why it is vitally important for women to start making safer choices now by using everyday products without harmful chemicals.

The average age range of men diagnosed with testicular cancer is 15 to 35. As college-aged men are more likely than older men to be affected, it is particularly important they learn to “check down to see what’s up” for early detection.

In order to spread these important messages, Protect Our Breasts is re-launching our campaign, “Protect Our Boys” during the month of November.

The purpose of Protect Our Boys is to:

  1. Promote the awareness of the role of endocrine disruptors as a cause of hormonal cancers that affect men (i.e. testicular cancer);
  2. Encourage male students to check themselves, the most important prevention tool; and
  3. Empower female students to make safer choices now in order to protect the next generation.

How you can get involved:

Help spread our message by “liking” and “sharing” each Protect Our Boys’ post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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