Wrap Up Your Holiday Gift Giving!

IMG_6149editedChristmas is almost here! Time to check off the last of your to-do list and wrap those gifts.

I love seeing the beautifully wrapped presents sitting under the tree with the anticipation of everyone opening their perfect gifts. However in the United States each year, 4 million tons of material become wrapping paper or holiday shopping bags and make the transition from a tree to a landfill.

Alternatively, some people dispose of their paper in the fireplace. In doing so, they unknowingly release toxic and carcinogenic compounds into the air. Children, whose systems are still developing are extremely susceptible to the consequences of this indoor pollution, but adults are vulnerable too. These non-recyclable wrapping papers contain high levels of lead and chromium. The EPA names lead as a likely human carcinogen and correlated to cancer risk.

Instead of using these toxic papers, save gift bags and reuse them next Christmas! A new trend is to present gifts in reusable materials and containers such as decorative boxes. Or, use brown paper bags from the grocery store as wrapping paper, and add a pop of color with a ribbon or bow.

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