Detox Your Body from Chemicals and Toxins

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We encounter products containing chemicals that contribute to breast cancer each day, and it is often overwhelming to make safer choices without easily accessible information. Thankfully, the Silent Spring Institute has created an interactive app called Detox Me which contains easily digestible tips and helpful ways to start removing toxins from our lives. The Silent Spring Institute is a nonprofit research organization whose mission is to identify the links between the environment and health with a specialization in breast cancer.

Detox Me
provides 270 tips across different categories on a smart phone app that can fit in the palm of your hand, allowing for checking right at the grocery store shelf. Detox Me will support users learning about toxins across these categories – clothing, personal care, food and drink, home, children and cleaning. It tracks your progress and awards badges as change in daily routine proceeds. It allows users to adapt at their own speed with the option to set custom reminders. Detox Me even includes a feature to scan bar codes of products while shopping in stores.

I find the tips about personal care products extremely helpful because labels and ingredients are unexplained on most products. With the app, I am able to identify which ingredients to avoid in different types of products.

As a new member of the Protect Our Breasts National Executive Board , all the information was initially challenging to fully grasp. With help from Detox Me and other apps such as Skin Deep, I am becoming more aware of toxins in everyday products and learning how I can make safer choices.

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