Ellie Prather is Proud to Have Brought Chapter To Our Founder’s Alma Mater, Syracuse University


I got involved with Protect Our Breasts because it provided me with a positive and important mission. It gave me a real sense of purpose and meaning on such a large campus. Not only was I given an incredible platform to educate the community with, but I learned something new everyday. I was improving my own health as I aimed to help others do the same. Another incentive to get involved was the fact that I would be starting a chapter at founder, Cynthia Barstow’s Alma Mater. It only felt right that the Syracuse students and faculty be exposed to the incredible work an alumni had done.

What I love most about POB is its ability to influence society and make large scale changes while also helping individuals in a very personal way. I have never doubted what Protect Our Breasts seeks to achieve, and feel confident in the material and education. I left Syracuse very proud of my executive board and all that we had accomplished in establishing our chapter. I wish them luck as they continue to grow and make a difference. I am now living in Boston, and working at Boston Children’s Hospital as a Research Coordinator for the Orthopedic sports medicine and tumor oncology teams. POB has played a very special role in my life and always will. I urge everyone to get involved.

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