Empower our Ambassadors

Who has been diagnosed with breast cancer in your life? Was it your mother, sister, aunt or friend? When that day arrived, fear set in and treatment began- surgeries, chemo, radiation. It was my grandmother and aunt, I was young, but the lasting impact of the knowledge that a cancer can make the strongest women in my life fearful that they may not survive is unforgettable. The image of my aunt, laying in bed smiling softly as I danced around her hospital room, is what motivated me to get involved with Protect Our Breasts. Everyone has their own reasons for being involved in the organization, donating, or following us on social media. Yet every one of us is connected by our passion to decrease Breast Cancer diagnoses through prevention methods.

My name is Bridgette Maynard and I am a public health national executive board member. Through our research, I have become grateful and humbled by the new science that points to prevention. The science tells us that exposure to certain toxins used in everyday products up through a first term pregnancy are directly linked to an increased risk of a breast cancer diagnosis later on in life. By limiting exposure to harmful toxins during this time period, it is possible to decrease the risk of a breast cancer diagnosis in the future.

Protect Our Breasts translates the science into digestible tips to share with our followers who join us thanks to our chapter ambassadors. It is these ambassadors who bring college-aged women (and men) to a stream of information that encourages them to think critically about the long-term impact of the choices they make daily. Without these ambassadors, we would have far fewer with whom to share our message. They are the ones who critically engage individuals on our six college campuses; prompting them to learn more about their daily choices on our social media feed and recommending safer alternatives. Our ambassadors work on the ground to protect our sisters, our friends, our daughters, and our loved ones.

You can support and empower our ambassadors who bring your family, your friends and loved ones to the steady stream of science to prevent this disease by donating today, #GivingTuesday or throughout the year at https://protectourbreasts.org/donate/. You can suggest, encourage or share with parents and relatives who have been touched by the disease that this is a way they can help protect you from from a diagnosis. Together, with your help, and theirs, we can work to inspire others to make the changes that will decrease the risk of a diagnosis. Together, with your help, the future is hopeful.screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-11-15-41-am

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