Safer Summer Solutions for Personal Care

Hjanelle_editedope everyone’s summer is going well so far!

Are you are getting ready to hit the beach and go on weekend getaways?  Now is a great time to give you some background on some of the concerning chemicals in the various products you may be using to “protect” yourself from the sun and heat.

Many of the conventional products on the shelves at your local stores and tourist shops contain chemicals that have been deemed carcinogenic and endocrine disruptors. As you have probably heard, carcinogens are substances which cause cancer and endocrine disruptors interfere with the body’s hormonal system which can lead to cancerous tumors and also affect the way the body develops.


It seems like everyone creates a “Summer Bucket List” of all the adventures they dream and plan to go on. Adventures range from going to the beach, to hiking a mountain, to even zip lining, but along with all these activities comes something we can’t deny – SWEAT! As much as we try to deny it, it happens to all of us and none of us want to stink, but before you reach for a conventional deodorant on your local drugstore shelf be sure to check the ingredients. Many antiperspirants deodorants contain aluminum, an endocrine disruptor, as the top active ingredient. Many preservative ingredients found in antiperspirant deodorants can be considered parabens, which may be known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Your armpits are the largest pores in your body which is why there is so much sweat. If you consider the job of an antiperspirant, it is literally to block these sweat glands so that you do not sweat. Rolling on deodorant on these large pores also means that they are more open to your body and absorb more of the chemicals you place on them. To guard yourself from these carcinogens and endocrine disruptors, choose a safer alternative to conventional antiperspirant deodorants, simply look for a deodorant made with natural ingredients and certified organic! Happy adventures!


During the summer when it is time to hit the beach, go for a run, play a sport, or even just relax outside, sunscreen is imperative to protect your skin. But listen, many conventional sunscreens made to protect your skin from skin cancer, have chemicals in them that are linked to causing breast cancer. That just doesn’t seem right. So, before you throw a conventional sunscreen in your shopping cart, know this: many conventional sunscreens contain oxtinoxate and oxybenzone, known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. It simply does not make sense to use a product to prevent one type of cancer that leads to another. Before you bask in the summer sun be sure to choose an organic mineral sunscreen free from these harsh chemicals.


After days in the sun and on a sandy beach you may be looking for a lotion to replenish you skin. Lotions are great to heal the skin but often contain many harsh chemicals. Lotions often come with parabens and phthalates which are used to stabilize and liquefy the product respectively.  Also, just about every lotion’s list of ingredients lists the term “fragrance.” What exactly is this “fragrance”? Well it is an undisclosed mixture of chemicals such as phthalates, used to give a scent to the product. The term fragrance is a blanket term which includes harsh chemicals that can increase chances of a breast cancer diagnosis and cause disruption in the endocrine system. To protect yourself both from dry skin and cancer, be sure to select a lotion free from these chemicals such as all natural and organic aloe or coconut oil.

Now that you’ve had a quick run-down about how to choose safer products to use while you enjoy the summer sun and heat, add to your Bucket List to switch to an organic lifestyle not only in the food that you eat, but the products you use on your skin!


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