NOW is the time to exercise the power to prevent breast cancer – in High School and College!!

dCQIJ8EES8qiZ2UtEerJ_full_SophiePowerofNow As the Science Director of Protect Our Breasts, I have reviewed a large number of scientific studies that relate to our mission. They highlight specific chemicals of concern, potential routes of exposure, and the most critical periods of susceptibility. What the science indicates is that exposure to toxic chemicals is especially harmful in sensitive periods of development; from in vitro exposure all the way to a woman’s first full term pregnancy.

The development of the breast, including branching, happens through sensitive hormone communication from the body’s endocrine system. Many of the chemicals of concern are known as endocrine disruptors which enter the body from everyday products and non-organic food choices. They alter the system as they mimic naturally-occurring hormones, disturbing normal processes.

By saying no to harmful chemicals right now, in our most sensitive periods of development, we can greatly reduce our risk of developing breast cancer later on in life. Protect Our Breasts is dedicated to sharing the conversation about how to avoid these chemicals with women and men throughout this window of susceptibility. With this in mind, we are particularly excited to announce the addition of high school chapters of Protect Our Breasts ambassadors. At BB&N in Cambridge and Lynnfield High School, they will be eagerly sharing with their peers how to reduce exposures to toxic chemicals today to decrease one’s risk of breast cancer tomorrow.

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