Keeping Travel Healthy with Safer Alternatives on-the-road and in-the-air!

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.36.58 PM I spend almost 75% of my workdays on the road. From airports to rest stops, there isn’t a mode of transportation I haven’t used this year. While I love this lifestyle, it certainly comes with some challenges. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating organic and avoiding toxic chemicals in my everyday products can be a struggle, but it’s not impossible to do. In honor of the Power of saying NO, NOW (before our first pregnancies) and the Power of being in the KNOW, I wanted to share with you some tips I use to live a healthy lifestyle while on the road. Whether you’re heading out on a vacation or visiting a client for work, hopefully some of these tips will help.

Plan ahead
I am the slave to my appetite. I am most likely to make poor food decisions when I’m hungry. To avoid this, I load myself up with organic snacks to hold me over and keep me from caving to yummy soft pretzels during a layover. My go-to snacks are organic almonds from, Justin’s Organic Nut Butter packets (POB vetted) (paired with organic fruit you can buy ahead), organic energy bars and Late July Snacks (POB vetted).

Know your chains
While I’m on the road, Whole Foods Market is always my default. The Whole Foods iPhone app is my go-to if I’m in a new place as it can point me to the closest location. Their organic salad bar has saved me on many nights. Other great default food options where I can often find organic options are Chipotle or Starbucks.

Pack a yoga mat
One of the best investments I made in 2017 was a travel yoga mat. While I am not always in the mood to pack gym clothes & sneakers, or make it down to the hotel gym, I can always find time to roll out a yoga mat in my hotel room. Even if it’s just a few rounds of sun salutations, a nice stretch feels good after a long flight or day in the car. If I’m feeling more adventurous and want to take my practice to the real world, the MINDBODY app is a great tool to find local studios and class schedules.

Purchase multipurpose personal care items
So many natural personal care products can be used in more than one way. I use Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Pure Castile Soap (POB vetted) for almost everything. It’s my shampoo, face wash, body soap, shaving cream and hand soap. Keeping this travel-sized bottle in my toiletry bag saves me from using those harsh hotel soaps. For out of the shower, organic Rosehip oil is another staple in my bag.
Traveling, for work or pleasure, can be exhausting and making it easy to stray from your normal healthy routine, but remember, one good decision always leads to another.

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