The Protect Our Breasts Translators Program consists of a team of student “translators” who review relevant and timely research articles and translate the content into digestible information for blog posts and provide science-based content for POB’s social media platforms. With a solid understanding of the science behind our mission, each translator has applied their findings into their daily lives. Here’s a look at how Protect Our Breasts translators have implemented a variety of safer lifestyle changes that may prevent a future breast cancer diagnosis:



Before joining Protect our Breasts I never thought about what kind of produce I bought from a grocery store or what kinds of makeup products I used on a daily basis. While I tried to be healthier in different areas of my life, this was something I overlooked since it was a part of my daily routine. I did not think it mattered enough for me to actively make a change. After reading blog posts from other members of Protect Our Breasts and listening to presentations regarding toxins in many of these products, I decided to change my behavior right away. I was convinced especially after I found out that there are online sources where you can check the toxicity of specific products.

Now I always check online to see how safe a product is before I buy it. I would rather take more time to pick out something that is less harmful to my health if I am going to be using it for a long period of time. It is also a rewarding feeling to know that by being careful about my choices I’m decreasing my risk for health complications later down the line.



Since joining Protect Our Breasts, my entire perspective of my lifestyle choices has changed. I have found myself becoming more aware of the consumer choices that I am making and spreading what I have learned to my friends and family. The organization has truly become part of me, and I am so proud of that. In relation to foods, I have been shopping more organically, whether that be snacks or whole foods. This includes checking the ingredients in my usual foods to make sure that they do not contain as many preservatives and harmful chemicals. With that, I have opened myself up to lots of new foods while also saving money (Safer options can be pretty cheap!). Related to skincare products, I have switched to some more organic/simple moisturizers that I have found to work even better on my skin than the original products that I was using.

Taking these small steps to lead a healthier lifestyle has already been transformative, and I hope to continue these steps toward living organically and efficiently. As a college student who is still focused on saving money and prioritizing my studies, I understand that it can be extremely difficult to make eating and consumer decisions a top concern. However, I already feel as though I am taking better care of my body through the switches that I have made! Once I graduate and have a steady income I will have greater control and time to put towards my consumer decisions, and I know that I will continue to implement what we have learned within my lifestyle.



One lifestyle change I have made since joining the POB community is paying more attention to my food and food storage choices. When I was younger, I grew up avoiding microwaving leftovers in plastic containers, but I still used and reused plastic storage containers and bottles. However, after joining the POB community and learning about how easily phthalates and other chemicals of concern can leach into food and drink, I’ve begun to reduce my plastic consumption. Additionally, I used to snack a lot on microwave popcorn– as a college student, it’s quick, tasty, and readily available. Since learning about the high PFAS content in microwave popcorn bags, I’ve stopped buying microwave popcorn and have begun to pop my own popcorn when I want a snack. 

Becoming aware of the science behind EDCs and other chemicals of concern has helped me to make safer, healthier choices for myself. It’s also helped me advocate for safer lifestyle changes for my family and friends. Being part of the POB community and being able to contribute to public health and public awareness is meaningful to me. Not only do I get to hone my science communication skills, but I am also able to make a difference in the lives of others. Even if just one person reads a blog post and decides to adjust their lifestyle to be more health conscious or EDC-aware, it’s still one more person than none. I’m grateful for the lifestyle changes I have made and I hope to inspire others as well through the POB community.



Since joining POB, I have made a greater effort to purchase organic fruits and vegetables to reduce my pesticide exposure. I have also become much more aware of the personal care products I use and the harmful ingredients hidden inside. I always consult with the EWG Skin Deep database before I decide on a new product. Over time I have swapped out many products for safer alternatives. One of my favorite products is the Waxelene lip balm. I use lip balm all the time and although it is a small amount of product used, it adds up over time and I feel much better knowing I have a safer product on my skin. 

Another change I have made since joining POB is not only applying the science to my own life, but sharing the information with others and offering advice on ways to reduce exposure. Notably, my grandmother is an avid POB follower and previously did not know much about endocrine disruptors. Now, she knows how to use the EWG Skin Deep site and loves to browse for safer alternatives to products she uses. I have also inspired my boyfriend to reduce his exposure by making small changes to his everyday routine. He was blown away at the harm associated with plastic food packaging and how men can also pass on epigenetic changes from toxin exposure to the next generation. Although my grandmother and boyfriend do not study science, they are always eager to learn about it when it is explained at the appropriate level of detail for them. The main changes I have made since joining POB involve doing good for my own body and spreading awareness so I can help others do good for themselves as well! 



Since joining Protect Our Breasts, I have learned the importance of prevention. Due to my background in biology and health, I knew about the harmful impacts of carcinogens and endocrine disruptors- yet I didn’t understand how much of a role they played in breast health. 

Growing up, I had been taught cancer was a result of a genetic predisposition, or bad health habits such as smoking cigarettes. In my time with Protect Our Breasts I learned that we are exposed to carcinogens everyday and that these exposures may also be linked to the overwhelming majority of breast cancer cases. 

I now use resources such as the EWG to make sure that the food and products I use don’t expose me to these harmful chemicals. Using these databases help me reduce or eliminate contact with carcinogens during these vulnerable reproductive years. Thank you, Protect Our Breasts. 



Disclaimer: The information provided herein is the author’s opinion. Our authors are not scientists. We are not providing medical advice, but simply sharing publicly available information. When we reference data and databases, we do so with the caveat that most are only as good as the data they are based on. While POB strives to make the information as timely and accurate as possible, we make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the completeness, or adequacy of the contents of any site that is shared, and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents of these sites. POB goes to great lengths to avoid declaring shared products as “safe” as there is no legal definition of the word “safe” at this time.

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