Vetting Process

Our Science Advisory Board has committed to moving from a current process approach along a continuum towards an analytical approach to product safety. Under our process approach, products are considered based on certification under an approved set of standards:

We consider packaging materials and prefer test results to verify no leaching and/or interactions with the contents occur. Packaging/distribution may also be considered to confirm no foreign substances are contaminating the product through the supply chain. Under our analytical approach, products would be considered based on results of assays of the whole product. Both the process approach and the analytical approach provide tools that allow us to access product safety.

Protect Our Breasts is dedicated to transparency and authenticity. The following steps are taken for each product distributed:

  • The POB EB Researchers search for a product which is currently certified by standards agreed upon by the science and standards advisory and completes a preliminary proposal. In addition, packaging materials and/or packaging certification are identified.
  • POB ED sends POB Science and Standards Advisory proposal including all certifications and paperwork, and packaging materials to ask for red flags.
  • If problems arise, ED writes to the company to insure further clarification as directed by the POB Science and Standards Advisory including non-disclosed ingredients, suppliers’ verification of process, test results of leaching and/or interaction with packaging and ingredients, etc.
  • The information is obtained and shared with the POB Science and Standards Advisory who makes a final recommendation to proceed.

Protect Our Breasts is committed to working with scientists and standards advisers who are currently engaged in this critical sea change who will have the most up-to-date and applicable information available. Many thanks to these individuals for their contributions of time, energy and invaluable knowledge.

Pink Ribbon

Why Aren’t We Pink?

While we encourage awareness of the disease, neither the color nor the ribbon verifies products free of breast cancer contributing chemicals.