Our mission is to share the conversation about chemicals
in everyday products found on the grocery shelves that contribute
to breast cancer; empowering women to make safer choices to protect
their breasts during the most vulnerable periods of their lives.

Protect Our Breasts

1 in 8

Breast cancer is a disease that touches the lives of many. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the course of their lifetime.

everyday exposure

Research shows that exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals and carcinogens can lead to a breast cancer diagnosis later in life.

windows of susceptibility

Up through a woman’s first full-term pregnancy is a time when women are particularly vulnerable to these harmful chemicals. It is up to us to stop breast cancer before it starts.

Protect Our Breasts

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When we protect the Earth from toxic chemicals, we also prevent diseases like breast cancer. Here are some tips to reduce your risk: bit.ly/ReduceBCRisk #tips #breastcancer #ReduceYourRisk

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Special thanks to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Breast Cancer Fund and Silent Spring Institute for their work to protect our breasts! ... See MoreSee Less

Multiple studies have linked breast cancer incidence with PAH exposure. Studies show that exposure to these chemicals at critical periods of breast cancer development can influence later cancer risk. ...

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