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Gen Zs should not have to worry about breast cancer. We do.

With one in eight women diagnosed, we are surrounded by family and friends with the disease. Only 5-10% of causes are considered hereditary, 15-25% lifestyle and approximately 70% unknown. This science tells us that exposure to certain toxins used in everyday products up through a first full-term pregnancy is directly linked to an increased risk of a breast cancer diagnosis later on in life. At Protect Our Breasts, we engage our peers on over fifty high school and college campuses throughout the world. We translate the newest science into social media posts sharing digestible prevention tips that try to keep us safe.

You can help Protect Our Breasts ensure that your college-aged daughters, sisters, friends, and loved ones have access to the pertinent information on the detrimental chemicals in everyday products and packaging. Your valuable contribution will help fund the expansion of Protect Our Breasts to other college campuses, and help us build relationships with Natural Product Expo industry leaders who are dedicated to bringing us safer products.

Protect Our Breasts is an interdisciplinary experiential learning course in the Isenberg School of Management/UMass Amherst with biology and public health. We have dedicated our college careers to this critical effort because we believe we can make a difference. With your help, our future is hopeful.

We hope you will join us in preventing breast cancer, now and in the future.

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