Core Values

Protect Our Breast wants to ensure our research and information is widely available and accessible to all different kinds of people. Equality is our core value and we work to make everyone feel included and heard, and strive to be an organization that reflects our diverse community. We acknowledge that there is a lot of work to be done to create a truly inclusive culture and environment that educates and empowers all people no matter their race, gender, ability or sexuality.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisors

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Nikki Rogers
Michaella Estevez
Brittany Aikhuele


We believe it is important to recognize systemic inequality and voice our support for equality for marginalized groups of people. But these supportive words and promises mean nothing if not followed up with action. It would be ignorant of us to assume that all people have the same access to the organic products and produce that we recommend to use. According to Consumer Market Reports organic produce is on average 47 percent more expensive. Additionally, in a study of ā€œ448 block groups in New York found that African American block groups had fewer opportunities to obtain healthy foods and greater access to fast-food restaurants than did other ethnic block groups.ā€ These are worrying statistics considering these marginalized groups are the most at risk of dying from breast cancer. We have made it our mission to provide education and tips that help people of all backgrounds and in all communities.

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