Our mission is to share the conversation about chemicals
in everyday products found on the grocery shelves that contribute
to breast cancer; empowering women to make safer choices to protect
their breasts during the most vulnerable periods of their lives.

Protect Our Breasts

1 in 8

Breast cancer is a disease that touches the lives of many. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the course of their lifetime.

everyday exposure

Research shows that exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals and carcinogens can lead to a breast cancer diagnosis later in life.

windows of susceptibility

Up through a woman’s first full-term pregnancy is a time when women are particularly vulnerable to these harmful chemicals. It is up to us to stop breast cancer before it starts.

Protect Our Breasts

🎉For 2023, our New Years resolution is to reduce our waste and plastic usage... what's yours?

It may seem impossible to cut paper & plastic out of your life for good, but we are here to give you some easy steps and switches that will significantly decrease your waste AND your exposure to chemicals such as phthalates that are found in many plastics! ♻️💚

Here are some ways to get you started:
1. Substitute your plastic wrap with reusable options, such as bees wrap!🐝
2. Use glass tupperware to store your leftovers, either at a restaurant or after a home-cooked meal.🥣
3. Instead of using and throwing away excessive amounts of paper towels, use organic cotton cloth towels!🧻
4. When you're taking your coffee to go, reach for mugs or stainless-steal thermoses to hold your beverage instead of styrofoam cups with plastic lids. Some coffee shops will even let you fill up your coffee in your own container! ☕️
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👂🏼Next time you’re taking a road trip or need something to listen to while you get chores done around the house, we recommend you check out some of our favorite informative podcasts. Our top recommendations explain the dangers of the chemicals of concern we are exposed to in everyday life in an understandable and entertaining way.

🎙️Podcasts are a great way to destress while also informing yourself about important topics.
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🪴During the gloomy winter months, brighten up your home by adding in some greenery!

🌱 In addition to adding bright colors, plants can help improve the air quality as well as purify the air in your home! They may do this by absorbing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the surrounding area. Just make sure to avoid spraying pesticides - keep them organic! Adding plants is a great way to create a peaceful and healthier environment.
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👨‍🍳 Cook at home this new year! Whether you learned from a friend or your mom or dad (like Sage), cooking can be fun, healthier and safer!

👎 Food consumed while eating out can contain many harmful chemicals, which can reduce sperm count in men.

📕 Author of CountDown, Dr. Shanna Swan says that one study found that teens who ate out a lot had "55 percent higher levels of androgen-disrupting chemicals than their peers who only consumed food at home".

🌱🍲When choosing to cook for yourself (and always choosing organic ingredients), you are not only lessening pesticides in your body, but you’re also making your immune system stronger! Organic foods contain a higher content of minerals and vitamins compared to non-organic.

🍽️What do you hope to make at home this year?
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2 weeks ago

Protect Our Breasts

🍿 Need some viewing recommendations that will keep you both entertained and fired up? We got you.

📺 Our favorite TV series right now is Not So Pretty. This miniseries narrated by one of America’s sweethearts (Keke Palmer) is “an investigation into the trillion-dollar cosmetics, beauty, and personal care industry, raising awareness about the dangers in everyday makeup, hair, skin-care and nail products.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll want to do something!

🎥 Ever wonder why we don’t use pink ribbons? Pink Ribbons, Inc. explores the exploitative side of breast cancer “awareness,”and how corporations have twisted a symbol that once included prevention. This documentary is eye-opening, and required for all new Eboard members to watch when they join the team!
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