Our mission is to share the conversation about chemicals
in everyday products found on the grocery shelves that contribute
to breast cancer; empowering women to make safer choices to protect
their breasts during the most vulnerable periods of their lives.

Protect Our Breasts

1 in 8

Breast cancer is a disease that touches the lives of many. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the course of their lifetime.

everyday exposure

Research shows that exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals and carcinogens can lead to a breast cancer diagnosis later in life.

windows of susceptibility

Up through a woman’s first full-term pregnancy is a time when women are particularly vulnerable to these harmful chemicals. It is up to us to stop breast cancer before it starts.

Protect Our Breasts

Today is the day! We hope you will join the 35 billion participants of Giving Tuesday by donating to Protect Our Breasts. www.protectourbreasts.org/donate (link in bio) Let’s work together for a Safer Marketplace and Breast Cancer Prevention! Together We Give! 💚 ... See MoreSee Less

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Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday! Your gift allows us to:

🌎Provide tools to share with our 50+ high school and college chapters, campus reps, and community reps around the world;

🧳Fund our trips to trade shows in Philadelphia and California to encourage brands to provide safer alternatives and packaging;

🧠Host events like our National Leadership Retreat that we host for our chapters, and more.

You can click the link to give or share the word with others. Sharing is caring. Together we give. We appreciate your support! 💚💚

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🖤Did you notice ✨that✨ smell during your Black Friday trip to the mall? It’s nothing to sniff at (literally)! So as you plan the rest of your holiday shopping…let’s take a look.

So, what IS that Mall smell?! We think it’s mostly fast food and fragrance.

🍔 Fast Food? The Silent Spring Institute found PFAS in almost HALF of paper wrappers and 20% of boxes from 27 fast food outlets!! PFAS are used in packaging as a barrier for grease and other liquids, but they are known as “forever chemicals” for their persistence in the environment. PFAS are a possible human carcinogen and are linked to many other health issues in humans!

👃 Fragrance? We find everywhere, from clothes and cleaning supplies to cosmetics and personal care. The term “fragrance” hides a range of phthalates, which can account for ~4,000 chemicals of concern.

🛍️ Our advice is the same as your mom’s… we have food at home! Grab a snack before you go shopping and skip the stores you can smell from a mile away. Happy holidays!
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🥡As sides are cooked, prepped, and stored for the big day, choose glass to avoid phthalates and other chemicals in plastic containers.
➡️Avoid microwaving in plastic which can increase migration of concerning chemicals into foods.
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This Thanksgiving, keep the Clorothalonil fungicide residues off the table. Choose Organic potatoes.

Warming your heart with another creamy, flavorful and ORGANIC mashed potatoes recipe for Thanksgiving. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦😋🍁

🫕Ingredients include:
organic potatoes
organic milk
organic garlic
organic and homemade red pepper flakes
organic cream cheese
organic sour cream
and organic parsley! 🌿

#organicrecipe #healthyliving #usdaorganic #mashedpotatoes
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Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, November 29, please support our efforts to share the newest science with our peers to prevent breast cancer now and in the future. Together we give!