Headed to Expo West

Last year, it was Gabrielle and Elise heading to California with Cynthia (photo) for the annual Natural Products Expo West. This year, our group expands to include Kristin, Emily, Christine, Emily and Gabrielle. Our goal is to learn about the range of issues related to our everyday products from personal care ingredients and genetically modified organisms to sustainable packaging and organic advocacy. We will have the opportunity to ask our favorite brands the tough questions about chemicals used in manufacturing and the most challenging issues they face in bringing us safe healthy products. Many of the companies represented at this trade show have been dedicated to sustainability and organic production since their inception. We are grateful to the show’s organizers (Penton) for the opportunity to meet so many inspirational individuals sharing about their efforts to “protect our breasts” from everyday toxins. In preparation, over the next week, our team will share some of the research they have been doing for their specific category. Tomorrow, Emily will kick us off with some interesting insight into a company using BPA-free cans.   Later in the week, Kristin will give us an update on cosmetics, Gabrielle will share her cleaning products research, Heather will talk a little more about dairy and Christine will post her thoughts on water and beverages. Upon our return, we will share the findings and stories from our exciting adventure to the Natural Products Expo West!


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