Back at UMass with Protect Our Breasts!

Fall has begun and it definitely feels great to be at UMass for my senior year! Protect Our Breasts has had a crazy first couple of weeks and a lot of exciting news!

On our first weekend back Cynthia hosted us at her house with our science advisor, Tom Zoeller, to watch an eye-opening documentary called “Submission”. The documentary (2010) showed how environmental toxins have the potential to affect future generations, and the health of human kind. It took the viewer through the pregnancy of a Swedish celebrity as she discovered the myriad of toxins she was passing onto her son.

Although, the film was very scary to hear as young women, it was cold hard science, and we were fortunate to have Tom there to answer our questions. It was very motivating for us to be able to watch it together during our first week as a new team. It reminded us, quite harshly, about the importance of our mission:

“To share the conversation about the chemicals in everyday products found on the grocery shelves that contribute to breast cancer; empowering women to make safer choices to protect their breasts during the most vulnerable periods of their lives.”

A few days after watching this film, we also presented our mission and business plan to Dean Fuller and administrator leaders at the Isenberg School of Management, and established our affiliation within the school! We are very excited about this news, and even more excited about our potential expansion to other campuses!

On Friday, we presented our business proposition to the Women for UMass Fund as the second round finalist for a $10,000 grant! Yesterday, we learned we are in the final four! This grant could really help us take off quickly, so we have our fingers crossed!

AND FINALLY, we are very excited to head off to Baltimore for the Natural Products Expo East this week! This will be my second Expo, and even though It was great to go out to California last semester, I definitely feel a different kind of excitement this year. Since we really have our business plan down, I feel much more confident approaching companies that manufacture safe alternatives that we can share with you at our campus events. I feel so passionate about our cause and the work we are doing to help protect our breasts and save future generations, I have an overwhelming feeling of excitement and hope!



POB team after presenting to the Women for UMass Amherst Fund committee


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