Don’t let your Turkey hide uninvited toxins – Choose Organic!

Riki AdamsThanksgiving is around the corner. You get to sleep in a comfortable bed, reconnect with friends from home, and have the best meal of the year. Best of all, you probably weren’t burdened with the overwhelming turkey preparation. But no matter how big of a part you have in making dinner, you may be vulnerable to some chemicals hiding in that holiday bird. So before your family makes the turkey choice, here is some food for thought.
In a typical conventional poultry breast, says the Pesticide Action Network via their What’s On My Food? database and app, there are an estimated seven pesticide residues, three are known or probable carcinogens and four suspected hormone disruptors. Thighs have four known/probable carcinogens and five suspected hormone disruptors.

In addition, Arsenic, a known carcinogen and endocrine disruptor, is still due to farmers’ strong reliance on arsenical compounds like MSMA, a pesticide sprayed on non-organic crops. Because those same crops are being used as feed for chickens and turkeys, the chemical can be found in lots of poultry products sold today. To avoid exposure to these toxins in your Thanksgiving turkey, look for the USDA Organic seal. It ensures your turkey will be raised without antibiotics and fed 100% organic feed.


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