Choose a Safer Slice of Pie!

Lia DelaneyThanksgiving is right around the corner, which means delicious smells, food and loved ones. It is an important holiday for many reasons, but delicious food and over-eating make the day famous. By the time the desserts come out, most of us are at capacity; yet, it seems there is always room for an extra slice of pie.

So let’s focus on the best and most important part of thanksgiving- DESSERT! Pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, chocolate cream… it is all a blur and one bite of heaven after another! Why not change things up a little and reduce some of the guilt that goes along with the post-dinner feasting? With a few simple adjustments to your ingredient list, you can limit the dose of chemicals you are ingesting this Thursday and help influence your guests to do the same in the future!

For starters, try choosing organic apples for your pie. Conventional apples are known to be one of the most sprayed crops, increasing our exposure to 42 pesticide residues. When making your traditional pumpkin pie, put in an extra half hour of work and make pumpkin pie from scratch! This way you can avoid the toxic BPA in cans! And when using chocolate candy – choose organic! This way you avoid growth hormones that end up in milk chocolate and the pesticides sprayed on cocoa beans.


Enjoy those desserts; have an extra piece of pie! And while you’re at it- help the ones you love make some safer choices! Make the decision to choose organic, be thankful for the wonderful people you have surrounded yourself with, and keep them healthy this season!


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