Yoga for Breast Cancer Prevention

Four years ago, Protect Our Breasts was just an idea. Today, it is a national organization working to change the lives and futures of the next generation. Our mission has remained the same: to share the conversation about toxins in our everyday products that contribute to breast cancer to empower you to make safer choices and to send the message to companies that toxins need to be eliminated.

From our online social media reader to the college student willing to educate themselves for a few minutes in the dining hall; from the people who funded the travel that supports our work, to all of the organic companies that share our same mission of creating a healthier future—we would not be where we are today without the people around us.

screen_shot_2013-10-18_at_10.02.09_amIn hopes of growing even more and helping to prevent many more incidences of breast cancer, we are holding our second annual Earth Day Yogathon fundraiser at the UMass campus this week. This would not have been possible without the very generous support from Sustainability UMass and The Sustainability Fund!

Why a Yogathon for our annual fundraising event? Stretching into Springtime, we see Earth Day as a time to celebrate and recommit to keeping our earth clean. We see yoga as encouraging greater body awareness and dedication to a more holistic lifestyle. Participation in Earth Day Yogathon, as either a yogi or a donor, is a great deal more than a healthy choice. This is an investment in the future of our organization and our mission to empower college students to make safer choices. It is a step towards a cleaner earth, cleaner you, and a safer future for all.

Thank you to all that have supported Protect Our Breasts’ mission of sharing the conversation about the environmental toxins that are in our environment. With your continued support in our endeavors, and with events like our Earth Day Yogathon, we hope one day, to have a cleaner, safer world – free of harmful chemicals in our everyday products that contribute to breast cancer.

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