Chocolates, Wine and Candles, Oh my!

Christine Kelly

Christine here, research assistant focused on water and beverages.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and many are putting thought into special things to do for loved ones.  Very commonly associated with this romantic holiday are items such as chocolate, wine and candles and I am here to let you in on some less toxic, yet romantic ways to Protect Your Breasts during this season!

In the search for the perfect chocolate, there are two important things to look for, organic and fair trade.  When you choose an organic chocolate you are choosing to buy cocoa that is grown using sustainable methods, without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.  This is important because conventionally grown cocoa is one of the highest sprayed crops.  Lindane, a widely banned pesticide is still used in the conventional method of growing cocoa, even though it has been named one of the most toxic bioaccumulative pesticides ever registered.  In addition to choosing organic chocolate, it is to your benefit to choose a chocolate that is fair trade certified.  For the cocoa crop itself, this certification prohibits the use of GMOs and limits the use of the harmful agrochemicals to promote environmentally sustainable farming.  Fair trade not only certifies that the chocolate you are consuming is less toxic, it also guarantees cocoa farmers receive a fair price, safe working condition and fair living wages for all around better labor conditions.  Some types of organic and fair trade chocolates out there are Theo, Dagoba, Sweet Earth Organics and a personal favorite of Cynthia’s, The Tea Room Organic Chocolates!

What is better paired with chocolate than wine?!  Even when it comes to wine, organic is better.  It also means the wine was made from grapes that are grown on a sustainable vineyard that uses no pesticides or fertilizers.  There are wines that are also produced biodynamically, which promotes ecological self-sufficiency, viewing the vineyard as a cohesive and interconnected living system.  Some of the best names in organic wine are Frey and Beringer.

Finally, what a better way to top off an evening with your sweetheart, than with some romantic candles?  Soy candles are a great alternative to the conventional paraffin wax candles.  They contain no artificial ingredients and are scented with a variety of pure, organic essential oils.  Way Out Wax is a Vermont based company that has a variety of soy candles with organic oils along with a variety of aromatherapy candles.  Lavender has long been known for its abilities to calm and relax, and with an organic lavender aromatherapy candle you are getting nothing but pure lavender essential oils, rather than artificial, synthetic fragrances.

By making these decisions during this romantic holiday season you are also making the decision to protect your breasts and those of your loved ones!


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