Organic Lingerie

Hello, Gabrielle again and I am here to talk to you about the sexy topic of organic lingerie. Whether you wear it for someone else or yourself this upcoming holiday, it’s important to remember to think twice about what you’re placing closest to that body part we at Protect Our Breasts try and protect. From organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and silk there are many safe choices you can make to this Valentine’s Day, while not sacrificing.

Cotton is one of the most sprayed crops in the world. Considered the “world’s dirtiest crop”, cotton uses approximately 16% of all the world’s insecticides and covers around 2.5% of the worlds cultivated land. Aldicarb, parathion, and methamidopho, some of the most hazardous pesticides to human and animal health according to the Organic Trade Association (OTA), are in the top ten most commonly used pesticides in cotton growing (

Textiles are one of the world’s most polluting industries in the world and account for a huge contribution to toxin runoff.  Aldicarb, mentioned above which is commonly sprayed on cotton, according to the OTA “can kill a man with just one drop absorbed through the skin” has been reportedly found in 16 states’ ground water in the US.

Luckily, there are many alternatives to conventional cotton panties and bras and they do not compromise in style, quality or brand name. Organic cotton, bamboo and silk alternatives are being provided from designers like Stella McCartney and American Apparel to smaller brands like Blue Canoe, Urban Fox and Clare Bare. This Valentine’s Day you can still be sexy and Protect your Breasts!

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