DIY Valentine’s Day Treats!

Hey, Gabrielle here…Valentine’s Day is officially tomorrow and if you’re pinching pennies and have been extremely busy this month, much like myself, you have yet to purchase Valentine’s Day novelties and goodies for the one or ones who hold a special place in your heart. Sometime’s the way to avoid unknown toxins in your products is to avoid the level of uncertainty and make your own Valentine’s gifts this season.

Yesterday Cynthia, Christine and I made homemade organic sugar cookies. Made with organic flour, organic sugar, organic eggs, vanilla and of course a little bit of love, we baked heart and boob shaped cookies to sell for 50 cents during our second day of tabling for our Valentine’s Day safe cosmetics awareness campaign and a few to share with our loved ones.

I then channeled my inner 3rd grader and decided to make my own homemade Valentine’s Day Cards using products I found in my own room. Using old white paper, some post it notes and colored pencils I hand crafted my own cards to pair with the homemade cookies

It has been a busy week here for the POB team and I. Check back tomorrow for the conclusion to our Valentine’s Day campaign!


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