Eggnog Anyone?!

Hey all, Sydney here again! It’s eggnog season, yum! As you fill your holiday glasses with that rich and creamy beverage I want to share something usually overlooked when we give ourselves a pour.

The main ingredients in eggnog are, as you may have guessed, eggs and milk. Whether you drink pre-made eggnog or make it from scratch, being aware of what ingredients we consume is important. Milk, for instance can contain 5 known or probable carcinogens and 8 suspected hormone disruptors found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program and available at Recombinant bovine growth hormones [rBGH/rBST] are typically injected into dairy cows in conventional operations, in order to make them produce more milk. When we consume growth hormones we increase our risk of breast cancer. Likewise pesticides used on chickens feed  have carcinogens. The pesticides travel from the feed to the chicken to the egg to the consumer.

I have been an eggnog consumer ever since I can remember. Whenever we bring out the decorations, the eggnog is never far behind. Yet, I never thought of what chemicals may be in my drink. This year I’ll be sure to ask my uncle to buy organic milk and eggs for the eggnog he makes every year. And I’ll be drinking organic pre-made eggnog at home while I crank up the holiday tunes.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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