Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone! For a change, the entire Protect Our Breast team is sharing our New Year’s resolutions in hopes of leading to a healthier, safer year! Please feel free to use our ideas to avoid your own everyday toxins in products found on our grocery store shelves that will reduce your chances of getting breast cancer!

My New Year’s resolution is to not only to get fit at the gym, but instead of using disposable plastic water bottles to keep hydrated, I will bring my SIGG water bottle. This will not only be good for me, by avoiding chemicals leached into the water, but reduce the amount of waste on our planet. I think this one simple change in my gym routine will make a huge impact on my chances of getting breast cancer.  Ultimately I hope my friends, family, and the rest of you will adopt this simple lifestyle change to protect your breasts!

This New Year, my resolution is going to be to eat more organic fruits and vegetables, and less unhealthy sweets and snacks (particularly those containing high fructose corn syrup). It is important to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to ensure my body is getting enough vitamins and staying healthy, but it is equally important to make sure those fruits and vegetables are organic and have not been sprayed with pesticides.


This year, my resolution is to finally part with my beloved face make-up. I’ve been using the same compressed powder ever since I can remember, and the time has finally come for me to replace it with a safer alternative. It’s really important that I find a product that not only functions as well as my original, but also is paraben, phthalate and fragrance free. This will be one of the final switches I need to make in my personal care product collection, and definitely one of the most challenging. I hope you’ll join me in making changes for a happier and healthier new year!

Riki Adams (our newest member!): I want to kick off 2013 with a new college budget that works around my organic lifestyle.No one should subject themselves to harmful products just to save money. If you’re concerned how much a toxic-free life might set you back, here are some tips to help you afford safe products and your expensive habits. Try to allocate money usually spent on impulse buys or junk food into healthier choices. It’s worth it! Look for farmers markets in your area. The food is often grown without pesticides, cheaper, and much fresher than something that was shipped from miles away. Go to your favorite organic food, beauty and cleaning companies websites and snag some coupons. This is a good list: http://bit.ly/12hW51H

For the new year, I am going to transition from my current all-purpose cleaner to safer alternatives such as Whole Foods Market green MISSION Organic All-Purpose Spray Cleaner & Degreaser, which has received an A from the Environmental Working Group Guide to Healthy Cleaning. I use all-purpose cleaner the most out of all of my cleaning products so this should significantly reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that I am exposed to when cleaning my apartment. Making small changes like this one can make a big difference in the chemicals that you are exposed to!

For 2013, one of my resolutions is to replace my conventional personal care products with organic ones.  For example, when my conventional toothpaste runs out I will buy an organic one.  It is hard to completely change a routine all at once.  By switching one product at a time, I will eventually reach my ultimate goal of using all organic and safe products to ensure a clean and nutrient rich body.


In 2013, I am going to try to replace all of my make up and personal care products with organic ones to ensure that they are free of toxins. To ensure that they are free of anything harmful for my body, I am going to verify which products I should buy by using EWG’s Skin Deep Data Base (http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/). I am also going to continue to stay healthy by working out everyday, making sure that the foods I eat regularly on a daily basis are organic, and filling my diet with lots of organic fruits and veggies!

For 2013, one of my resolutions is to try to be more conscious overall about everything I’m putting in and around my body. One thing in particular that I have never really focused on are personal care products. It’s easier to focus on what enters your body directly but what you surround yourself with is just as important. Avoiding chemicals in lotions, and other cosmetics is one step I’m going to take this new year!


This is the year I try to replace my clothes with an organic version one item at a time. It takes a half cup of pesticides to grow one conventional cotton t-shirt. I just don’t think that kind of chemical exposure is fair, for those who grow the cotton or those of us that wear it!! Thanks to all the companies out there trying to fill their shelves with organic options!


We hope that with these resolutions, you can help make some of your own and chose safer alternatives in this upcoming year! From all of us at Protect Our Breasts, we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

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