Safer Super Bowl Snacks

 Hi everyone!  I’m sure many of you are planning on throwing Super Bowl parties for this Sunday, February 3rd just as I am (even though the Patriots aren’t competing).  Since I have been learning all about chemicals used in the production of our food and beverages, one thing I will be sure to do is to serve safer versions to my friends.  This year, I want to show them that these safer alternatives also taste better than the ones they are used to. Two great brands of organic snacks and beverages that I will have at my super bowl party are Honest Tea and Late July. These two companies have generously provided Protect Our Breasts with products to share this weekend on campus. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and we’ll tell you where and when the Protect Our Breasts team will be handing out samples!

So why are they safer? Honest Tea makes a variety of teas and juices that are USDA certified organic and packaged in #1 plastic (PET), children’s juice pouches, and even sometimes glass.  These packaging solutions avoid Bisphenol-A (BPA), a known endocrine disruptor. The organic certification means the tea leaves used to make the beverage have not been sprayed with nasty pesticides, which also may be EDCs or carcinogens. It is a great, healthy alternative to drinking soda and artificial juices.

Late July chips are a great organic chip with flavors for everyone. My personal favorite, and the flavor we will be serving at my Super Bowl party, is the Dude Ranch multigrain snack chips. These USDA Organic chips are non-gmo (genetically modified) with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.  Some preservatives that may contribute to breast cancer that Late July chips avoid are BHA and BHT. It is also very important that these chips are non-gmo. In the past I have written blog posts about what exactly “genetically modified” means and its implications. Just for a refresher, the reason why we should be concerned about genetically modified foods is because they become weed and insect resistant to allow for more pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides to be sprayed. Pesticides such as Atrazine are known endocrine disruptors and thus contribute to your chances of getting breast cancer.

I know that these chips and beverages will be a big hit at my party, although they may cost a little more than the more conventional brands. I hope you all have a great time cheering on your preferred team in the Super Bowl and enjoy safer, organic alternative snacks and beverages with your friends and families.

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