#Greenscarves …and then we must go, but Expo remains with businesses committed to the health of future generations!

Emily Messier 5449I never thought this day would come when I would be returning on a red eye home from Natural Products Expo West for the last time as a Protect Our Breasts executive board member. The memories I have from the four Expo trips with the #greenscarves team are irreplaceable.  For this reason I thank my peers, the industry members we met, and the companies we interacted with for showing me that people and businesses do care about the health of future generations.

The experiences I gained by attending these Expo shows would not have been possible without our Protect Our Breast Executive Director, Cynthia Barstow.  For years she has not only been attending these shows herself, but bringing along students, surpassing all expectations of being a professor and ending up as mentor and sponsor.  Her insightful guidance not only helps Protect Our Breasts prosper but drives the passion inside each one of us to make a difference in the world. For this reason- I thank you Cynthia for these years and Expo experiences.

The entire Protect Our Breasts executive board cannot really be considered a club or work experience; we are a family. Every Expo we go to we bond even more than before; creating relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime.  Our family laughs with each other through difficult 7am yoga sessions; red eye flights; and even hours of meetings to prepare for Expo.  Hard work and desire for safer products motivate each one of us to do what we do. I thank the current and past executive board members for the great memories I will cherish forever.

The opportunity to have conversations and meet numerous industry members who are changing the face of business is incredible.  I not only learn about the rising industry trends in natural and organics but what companies are doing to tap into the market. Witnessing the numerous companies who care so much, large and small at these Expo shows, makes me realize the importance of supporting them with my consumer dollars. Changing my purchasing behaviors to support them not only tells the company I like their product but that they need to continue what they are doing.

These past four Expo trips have been nothing I would have imagined doing during my college career.  It is a bittersweet move onto the next chapter of my life but I know that at some point in my life I will return to the Natural Products Expo in a professional career. I will be sure to support Cynthia and her Protect Our Breasts team just as other past alumni have. Thank you everyone for supporting Protect Our Breast and the many companies changing the face of business for the health of future generations!

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