Choose safer options every month…Period!

Ariel UrbanIt’s that time of the month again…your period. The week long of bloating, cramps and chocolate cravings. We all know the inconvenience and unpleasantness of this monthly reminder of our womanhood. However, what we may not know is the products we depend on, like tampons and pads, can contain toxic chemicals that can be connected to breast cancer.

According to a new report on the Potential Health Effects of Toxic Chemicals in Feminine Care Products from the Women’s Voices for the Earth, “Most tampons are made from cotton and/or rayon or other pulp fiber. Unfortunately these substances can be contaminated with highly toxic dioxins when bleached with chlorine compounds, as well as pesticides from non-organic cotton. Exposure to dioxins and furans has been linked to cancer, reproductive harm and endocrine disruption.”

Because the walls of the vagina are filled with numerous blood vessels, hormone-mimicking chemicals can be more rapidly absorbed and circulated through the rest of the body. The FDA instructs that tampons should be free of these toxic chemicals, such as TCDF, and any pesticide and herbicide residues. “Unfortunately, this recommendation is not mandatory, and testing results reveal that both dioxins and pesticide residue are found in tampons.”

So, what can you do to choose a safer alternative?

       Choose unscented products

       Choose chlorine-free bleached or unbleached cotton pads and tampons

       Read the labels of products to avoid problematic chemicals

       Look for brands that disclose all ingredients, including fragrance ingredients

“Cancer causing chemicals in feminine products are a concern, but like many other women’s health issues, they are woefully understudied.” Don’t make your period more bothersome then it needs to be; the next time you’re at the store, check the products you are using and look for the safer alternative to better protect yourself!

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