Secrets in Scents!

Alexis BerminghamIt’s that time of year again- the Final Christmas Countdown! As the big day draws near, be sure you’ve made your lists and checked them twice; if you wish for something that contains a “fragrance” make sure it’s not naughty, it’s nice!

When searching for gifts this holiday season, remember to read those labels! Be wary of products that list the word, “fragrance” in their ingredients as it usually means much more than a pleasing aroma. The ugly truth is that many “fragrances” contain over a dozen toxic chemicals that could potentially lead to endocrine disruption. Seek out products that aren’t ashamed of what’s behind their scent! Companies like our recent partner Weleda, “create effective beauty and wellness products,” without the use of synthetic chemicals. On their website you can find the lists of ingredients, including what constitutes “fragrance,” for each and every one of their products!

According to the Environmental Working Group, “The FDA, the agency responsible for overseeing product safety, does not systematically review the safety of fragrances.” Due to trade secret laws, companies are not required to communicate what chemicals are used in their fragrance such as phthalates, parabens, and artificial musks. These three ingredients are potential endocrine disrupting compounds that have been linked to breast cancer (Breast Cancer Fund) and should be avoided.

To ease your holiday shopping, look to The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database – a great resource containing over 75,000 personal care products, ranked by their toxicity level. Plug in your product of choice, and check its ratings!
Be conscious this holiday season-give a gift that supports both happiness and health. Let the merry gifting begin!

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