Ring in the New Year with style, grace, and a “clean” face !

Alexis BerminghamHappy New Year’s Eve! It’s the finale of the 2013 holidays- we’ve decked the halls and now it’s time to get all decked out! Some of us will spend quality time in front of the mirror, caking on a variety of products that make us feel more beautiful. But before you get ready to bat those eyelashes and pucker those lips, remember to stop and think about the ingredients in your go-to beauty products. Keep in mind that not everything we apply is just skin deep. Toxic chemicals in our everyday products can be absorbed by the skin and potentially lead to disease. We’ve been told that pain is beauty, but cancer for the cost of a pretty face? Now, I don’t see the trade off in that!

In fact, when it comes to chemicals that contribute to breast cancer we have found that: “of the 85,000 synthetic chemicals introduced into the environment, only 7% have been tested for effects on human health, and only a handful of substances have been banned by The Safe Chemicals Act” (Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition).

In our cosmetics, we find that the best way to reduce our chances of developing breast cancer is to avoid ingredients such as: Phthalates, Parabens, Fragrance, Perfluorinated chemicals, and Triclosan. To see a detailed list of concerning chemicals and their health affects, products they’re used in, and how to reduce your exposure, consult the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and The Environmental Working Group’s chemical fact sheet and Skin Deep Database.

My personal advice is to choose products that are clear and concise about their ingredients. I find that the good guys don’t have things to hide!

Enjoy your night, a little safer, and have a very happy and healthy New Year!

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