Happy New Year!! Resolutions 2014

Alexis BerminghamAlexis Bermingham: This year, I want to be more diligent about reading labels and checking ingredients before I apply cosmetics. I will try my best to specifically avoid parabens, phthalates, and synthetic “fragrances.” I hope to inspire my peers to choose “safer” cosmetics, and lead a healthier, “toxic-free” lifestyle.

 Riki AdamsRiki Adams: In 2014, the majority of meats I will cook with be certified organic. This will decrease my exposure to synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetically modified foods.

Lia Delaney Lia Delaney: This year, I plan to invest in my health. As college students, it is sometimes hard to pick the more expensive choice, but I am going to try to look beyond price and shop for food quality instead. What we spend on good food, well save on doctors bills. Despite a higher price tag, organic food offers a bargain when you consider the antibiotics, hormones, and synthetic pesticides that you are avoiding!

 Kelsie MitchellKelsie Mitchell: As we enter the new year, I hope to reduce the amount of plastic in my daily life. By looking for glass alternatives I can reduce my exposure to harmful chemicals such as BPA and participate in the effort to reduce and reuse!

 Yuliana MotylYuliana Motyl: For the new year, I am committed to preparing my own meals made with an abundance of organic fruits and vegetables. I will be especially committed to purchasing organic fruits and vegetables listed on the EWG “Dirty Dozen” list. It is important for us to consume more fruits and vegetables that are not sprayed with the many toxic pesticides that contribute to breast cancer.

 IMG_9730Ariel Urban: For 2014, I want to try my best to keep my cosmetics and personal care items at a score of 4 or less on the EWG Skin Deep Database. This will ensure the products I use will be safer and reduce my exposure to parabens, fragrance and phthalates.

 Natasha MerchantNatasha Merchant: In 2014, I plan to make the act of choosing non-GMO organic food and drinks a high priority on my list of resolutions. By choosing to eat simple organic meals, I hope to stay healthy and happy and free of exposure to harmful chemicals.

Cynthia Barstow-5453Cynthia Barstow: As I read these resolutions for 2014, I am struck by both the simplicity and difficulty of these pledges. We know that making safer choices at a young age may help prevent breast cancer, but it is hard to stay resolved when the evidence comes much later in life. For this reason, my 2014 resolution is to continue my commitment to the Protect Our Breasts’ mission of sharing the conversation, and to these young ladies who toil at it, and finally to you, our readers, who are working hard every day to make safer choices and to share the information with your friends… to help us all prevent breast cancer – now and in the future.

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