Millennials Meet the Natural Products Industry

eve headshot 2015At first, I was overwhelmed walking into Expo East. There was so much information and so many companies to meet with. As the new beverages and water researcher for Protect Our Breasts, I am not only concerned about the contents of a product, but also the risk of its packaging and food contact materials. For example, a USDA certified organic product may be packaged in a bottle containing BPA, which has the potential to leach into the product, potentially contaminating its contents.

The Protect Our Breasts team’s goal at Expos is to speak with companies that have safer products that are free from the harsh chemicals we come in contact with daily. It is our mission to get these products onto store shelves so we can have access to safer options. The growing number of untested chemicals in products on the market is an overwhelming notion, which is why it is so important for us to seek out and provide students with information as well as products free of chemicals that contribute to breast cancer.

We know this is a challenging process, however, speaking directly with the founders of organic companies who have safer products, is a monumental step toward our goal. People across the nation are trying to make a difference, and we recognize and are excited to be part of that change. Expo East opened many doors to Protect Our Breasts, and our conversations and new connections will hopefully seed safer options, spread awareness, change policies, and propel us into a safer future.

As a new member of the Protect Our Breasts national board, I am thankful to be surrounded by individuals who are passionate about creating a safer world. Expo East was an excellent opportunity to meet people with the same mission as the Protect Our Breasts’ team – a safer earth begins with the choices people make. We are what drives consumption, and if together, we shift our focus to healthier alternatives; we can ensure a safer and more sustainable world.

Eve Brickley is a junior marketing major at the Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst and first year National Executive Board member of Protect Our Breasts.


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