What’s in our Frackin’ Water?

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Most people associate fracking with lower gas prices, and we all know, as students rationing $20 dollars to last a month, how exciting it is to fill up your tank without emptying your wallet. However, fracking is not only impacting our econo
my but our environment, specifically our drinking water. High levels of endocrine disrupting chemicals have been found near these sites, which may be directly linked to breast cancer, abnormal growth patterns and neurodevelopment issues in children.

The Environmental Working Group has publicly stated, “Chemicals used for fracking in California contain dozens of hazardous chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption and reproductive system damage.” When toxic chemicals are put into the earth, they can eventually impact the water table and therefore our own bodies.

As students we don’t feel we have to power to change political and governmental aspects of our culture. However, the purpose of Protect Our Breasts is to share information, so you have the power as a consumer to demand safer products. This will signal industries to improve standards and create healthier products, improving our health and that of our planet. I ask you as a peer to simply be aware of the environmental and human health concerns associated with fracking because if we continue educating each other, together we can make a change.

Source: http://www.ewg.org/release/ewg-deconstructs-california-s-toxic-fracking-recipe

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