“UMass has been their home for the past four years. Protect Our Breasts has been their at-school family…You are our community.”

POB Team 2019At this time of year, I am deeply reminded that Protect Our Breasts is not only an advocacy organization  sharing science-based digestible tips with high school and college-aged women and men, it is also a learning opportunity for some the brightest and most passionate university students I am lucky enough to “teach” in a UMass Isenberg marketing course. They earn credits by continuously reviewing the science with advisers, expanding and managing the flow of information to our 35+ chapters, encouraging brands to use organic ingredients and safer packaging, designing and posting regularly on social media and raising their own operating budget.

They are Protect Our Breasts. They are students in professional roles. And yet, as I am forced to remember each May, they graduate. Thankfully, there are others who work hard to receive the honor of taking their place. Our class time ends this week and I will say farewell  to those who have inspired and taught me more than I could ever teach them. UMass has been their home for their past four years. Protect Our Breasts has been their at-school family.

UMass Gives is a special fundraising activity over the next two days and special projects, such as Protect Our Breasts, are encouraged to ask donors to direct their funds thru this effort. So, if you are wondering why this breast cancer prevention organization is encouraging you to give to UMass, it is because the young leaders who live here need your support to continue to learn and share and ultimately, to help save lives. UMass is our home, and you are our community.

Please give now https://umass.scalefunder.com/gday/giving-day/16208/department/17807

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