Isenberg Marketing & POB National Executive Board Alum Emily Messier (now Mrs. Baldarelli!) helped launch Protect Our Breasts Five Years Ago This Month. Her favorite hashtag: #POB4lyfe

emily-messier-balderelli_right-stamp “I joined Protect Our Breasts in the Fall of 2011 because my grandmother had Breast Cancer twice and I knew that I needed to reduce my risk and help educate my family how to reduce their own. I found Protect Our Breasts to be an amazing group of women who did the research, partnered with industry leaders, and educated young women at the most important time of their lives; up until their first pregnancy. It is so difficult to weed through “the latest reports” and grocery store tag lines to determine what is actually good to eat, drink, and put on our bodies. While in Protect Our Breasts I know I helped touch countless young women who can make simple trade-offs or completely adjust their lifestyle to reduce their chances of Breast Cancer. The research we did together and industry professionals who helped guide our organization motivated me to make a healthy lifestyle change. Although it may cost more – I find the organic section of my grocery store because I know that I would rather pay more now than with my health years down the line. I influence my friends to try the organic milk or organic apples just to prove to them that they actually taste better! I am so proud to call myself a Protect Our Breasts alumni because this organization is going to change lives. #POB4lyfe”

– Emily Messier (Baldarelli)

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