POB National Executive Board Alum Lia Delaney who devoted all four years of college, today works in an environmental epidemiology lab.

Lia_Alumni“I first joined Protect Our Breasts five years ago, in the beginning stages, when it was nothing more than a group of incredible women with an idea. Their mission was to help share the health risks of chemicals in everyday products with their peers. I was inspired by them and the mission, and wanted to be a part of this initiative to make a difference.

At that time I had no idea how my involvement would set my trajectory. I dedicated the next four years of my college experience to the organization, as well as researching the effects of chemical exposure on the body. I began to change my own habits as well: replacing my conventional personal care products with organic ones, and swapping in glass for all of the plastic that I was using for food and water storage.

The intersection of Environmental health and women’s health became my passion. As a result, post-graduation, I pursued a research opportunity in an environmental epidemiology lab at the University of Michigan. This group studies the population-level effects of chemical exposure on maternal health and birth outcomes. I have been here for a year and a half, and couldn’t be happier to be continuing this work that I found a passion for five years ago.

Today, these habits that I have learned as an undergraduate have become a lifestyle. Most significant is my commitment to not using plastic water bottles! Even when I am hiking up mountains, I am committed to metal and glass containers :)”

– Lia Delaney

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