POB EBoard Alum Yuliana Motyl Lives the #Organic Lifestyle in NYC

yuli_edited“Soon after joining Protect Our Breasts National Executive Board, I learned about the detrimental impact environmental toxins have on the environment, as well as the health of men and women all around the world. I was intrigued by all this information and understood the importance of spreading my new found knowledge to as many people as possible.

Since then, I’ve never looked at everyday products the same way. I refuse to purchase fruits and vegetables that are non-organic, I will not put products on my body that contain chemicals that I do not understand, and do not support companies that sell products with ingredients that contribute to disease.

As a young woman living in New York City, I can’t say that I’m living a total chemical-free lifestyle as many things are out of my control. I can say however, that I do everything in my power to stay away from products and companies that harm our planet and initiate diseases such as breast cancer in young women in the U.S and all over the world.

The lessons I learned during my two years with Protect Our Breasts will stick with me forever and I am beyond grateful for that. My involvement with POB was one of the most memorable and influential experiences of my four years at UMass, and it positively shaped me into who I am today.”

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